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INDEPENDENT SECONDS & REPEATING Gold Antique Pocket Watch by E.J. Gondolo / Audemars

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INDEPENDENT SECONDS & REPEATING Gold Antique Pocket Watch by E.J. Gondolo / Audemars

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Beautiful independent seconds & quarter repeater pocket watch.
Diameter is 51mm, weight is 114 grams.

The watch is dates back to circa 1860-1870, while chronograph design wasn't well enough established. This time watches with independent seconds were used to measure time intervals.
Independent jumping seconds design was complex, especially in it's bi-directional tandem crown winding version.
Rare to find it with repeating function, nice features set.

The movement is almost certainly production of Louis Audemars workshop.
The watch with almost identical bridges design by L. Audemars is shown by H. Zantke in his book "Louis Audemars - his life and work", p. 262, N 32.

Movement and back cover are signed by E.J Gondolo in Geneve.
It seems that E.J Gondolo story is mostly connected with Brazil, where E.J. Gondolo was operating and became supplier to the Emperor of Brazil.
Later, EJ Gondolo became a partner with Paulo Laboriau, and Gondolo & Laboriau became probably the most known Patek Philippe retailer.

The watch appears to be in very nice condition.
The movement is in good running condition.
Repetition strikes as it should, independent seconds starts and stop as it should.
Please look video.
Case is a solid one, it appears to be in good condition.

The watch is a high grade piece, it's beautifully finished and features 43 jewels. Rare set of complications, don't miss it!
Item is not available