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Genuine A.L. BREGUET 1830s EXPERIMENTAL BALANCE Antique Pocket Watch

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Genuine A.L. BREGUET 1830s EXPERIMENTAL BALANCE Antique Pocket Watch

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Fine authentic pocket watch from A. L. Breguet, late 1830s.
Diameter is 29mm, height is 34mm, weight is 17 grams.

This watch is numbered 115 and was once a part of well-known Sandberg collection.
The Sandberg collection was auctioneered by Antiquorum in Geneva at 31 March of 2001, this watch is presented in Sandberg sale catalogue by number 72.
The watch is published in the Sandberg book, page 212-213.
Recorded sale price is 10 925 CHF.

According Antiquorum experts description, the watch employs a very unusual, apparently experimental balance: the top part is made of steel and is fused to the platinum bottom. Apparently, Breguet conceived a new type of bimetallic compensation and implemented it with this watch.

Movement also features parachute anti-shock protection, feature typical for Breguet watches.
The watch is slim and made in manner allowing to minimise case openings - there are special openings in the back cover allowing to set time and wind the watch, and to regulate Slow / Fast from the side.
The case is built by Leopold Secheret, casemaker, entered his mark in Paris in May 1834. He was the casemaker Breguet Neveu most used.

This Breguet watch, No. 115 was sold to Madame la Maréchale de Lauriston on 30 April 1840.
Madame la Maréchale de Lauriston was the wife of Jacques Law, Marquis de LAURISTON (1768 - 1828), Aide de camp to Napoleon Bonaparte in 1800 and 1805, Ambassador to Russia in 1811, and nominated Maréchal de France by Louis XVIII. He participated in the 1823 Spanish expedition.

The movement is in running condition, though the time keeping is not guaranteed.
Solid silver dial is in good condition with some minor wear.
Case is in good condition with minimal wear.
Overall good condition.
Item is not available