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GENEVA BALL - 18k GOLD Antique Pocket Watch with Rotating Winding Mechanism

Price: $2 000


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Miniature spheric golden (18k gold) pendant watch, so-called "Boule de Geneve".
Diameter is 21mm, height is 29mm.
Total weight is 29 grams.

Please note - it's a quality piece, with patented winding mechanism: movement is winding, and time is set by rotating the bezel.
To achieve such miniature size, the movement has quite complicated construction.
Its layout is divided by two layers, with escapement located over the barrel and going train.
This design is patented in 1888 by Marius Lecoultre in Geneva, and was most likely produced on his factory.

Later in 20 century, these ball shaped watches has been crudely copied with side crown winding and common low quality movement..

Marius Lecoultre was son of Eugene Lecoultre (son Jacques Abraham Louis LeCoultre in Sentier), probably brother or relative to Antoine LeCoultre, founder of famous factory in Le Sentier.
O. Patrizzi in "Dictionaire des horlogers Genevois" says:
LECOULTRE Marius, Rue Bonivard 8 Geneve. First-rate house, founded in 1848? - Complicated watches of superior quality. Perfects a chronograph system with vertical displacement of the engagement wheel. Annealed honorable mention at the Geneva Chronometry Competition in 1887. Exhibited at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, complicated watches and precision watches...

This watch is unsigned, and very similar watches were retailed by grand companies as Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and others, probably originated from same factory.

Chain bears 18k gold French import mark.

The watch appears to be in perfect condition.
Enamel of the watch is intact.
The movement is in running condition, time setting is also works as it should.
Cosmetic condition is very nice.
The enamel on the chain is slightly defected.

Nice good quality and rare watch.
Price: 2 000 USD