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1710 Verge Fusee Oignon Antique Pocket Watch MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenuhr

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1710 Verge Fusee Oignon Antique Pocket Watch MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenuhr

ID: 235

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Beautiful silver verge oignon watch from 1710s.
Diameter is 53mm, height without bow is 63 mm

Made in the style of late Louis XIV, circa 1710s.
Movement is truly beautiful, true Baroque spirit, you'll hardly find the nicer one.
It features silver balance bridge, designed in the manner of Bourdon.
The regulator is surrounded with silver decorative pierced and engraved pieces.
The fancy pillars are made of steel, partly blued, partly mirror-polished.
The escapement wheel is protected with nice silver piece.

The nice enamel dial is painted with bold numbers, according to epoch fashion, with gold accents.

The watch is in exceptional conservation condition, even blued screws are original.

Movement is signed by André a Paris.
Tardy and Baillie mention Jean André (1646-1717), worked in Paris along with him son. He was a pupil of famous Pierre Huaud and was rather be enamel painter than watchmaker.
More probably it's a work Simon André, mentionned by O. Patrizzi as Master Watchmaker, late XVII, beginning XVIII century.

Watch appears to be in very good condition.
The movement functions in any position, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Case is well preserved.
The dial is in good condition, with tiny chips near winding hole.

Beautiful watch, don't miss it.
Item is not available