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BLOODSTONE & 18k Gold Lady Miniature Antique Pocket Watch w/ key in Box

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BLOODSTONE & 18k Gold Lady Miniature Antique Pocket Watch w/ key in Box

ID: 229

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Rare and beautiful lady pendant watch in 18k gold case.
The watch measure 26mm, weight of the watch is 13 grams, total weigh is 17 grams.

Watch is decorated with bloodstone back cover and comes with small golden chain and key from 18k gold with same stone. It comes with original box.
Very quality piece, nice ensemble.

The watch is a quality piece, with quality finished Geneva movement.
Dust cover is signed by J.F. Bautte in Geneve.

Jean-Francois Bautte (1772-1837). He was a peuple of J.D. Moulinier and made his first watch at 19 years old.
With years he built one of the most successful watchmaking business of his time.
Paying great attention to the visual appearance of the watches, he was managed to make Swiss watches of the quality seen before only in Paris and London.
He organized trading with Ottoman empire and China and became known all over the world, making finest watches.
Bautte's company gave the boost to whole Geneva watchmaking industry, by making Geneve watches recognisable worldwide.
Company was producing luxury decorated watches, automates, pendant watches, singing birds...
After J.F. Bautte death company changed lot of owners, and finally was purchased by Girard Perregaux.

The watch appears to be in very nice condition.
The stone is in good condition with very minor scratches.
Dial is in good condition with minor flaws.
Movement is in running condition though time keeping is not guaranteed.

Beautiful and rare watch.
Item is not available