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1720s Painted Enamel Miniature Pair Cased Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenuhr



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Beautiful thick and heavy pair cased verge fusee watch.
Diameter of outer case is 56mm, thickness is 31mm, weight is 129 grams.

Outer case is decorated with big and very quality enamel miniature of musician pair.
The miniature is very delicate and skilfully made, quality resembles famous Huaud school.
Watch also features day indications, nice complication.

The watch is signed by Martineau London, but it's definitely Dutch production of 1720s, decorated with prestige London signature.

Movement features nice balance bridge with mock pendulum.
Pendulum is visible through glazed opening and visually limited by polished steel hands.
Movement is rather thick, lacks any regulation of escapement, just a brass plugs on the escapement wheels ends.
Square baluster pillars, barrel stopwork with endless screw.
Very nice period movement.

Watch appears to be in hard to find condition.
The enamel is beautifully preserved without visible damages.
Movement functions as it should, though timekeeping is not guaranteed.
Dial and case are in good condition with moderate wear.
Beautiful original hands.

Very good condition overall, especially for 300 years old watch.