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DECIMAL TIME French Revolutionary Dial Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch from 1794

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DECIMAL TIME French Revolutionary Dial Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch from 1794

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Rare watch with decimal and duodecimal time indication.
Diameter is 47mm.
Unsigned, France circa 1794.

Decimal time
The French introduced decimal time during the French Revolution of 1789 and divided the day in 10 decimal hours.
Every hour had 100 decimal minutes and every decimal minute 100 decimal seconds. The decree was issued on November 24, 1793 (4 Frimaire II) and stipulated that midnight was 10 o’clock and noon was 5 o’clock.
Some watches from this period show both decimal and duodecimal time; mandatory use of decimal time was officially suspended in 1795.

These kind of watches were produced by only short period of time and not many of them were survived.
The very similar watch is presented in book "Les Heures Revolutionnaires" (Revolutionary Hours) by Afaha.

Movement is typical period verge movement, nothing special to mention.

The dial is original to the movement, the dial legs matches to the plate openings, and there aren't any traces of interventions.

Dial seems to be in rare perfect condition without any flaws.

The watch appears to be in quite good running condition, movement seems to be clean and it runs till the end of the chain. However, I don't guarantee time keeping.

Cosmetically watch is in quite nice condition.
Case is in common period condition with minor wear.
Mineral glass, nice beetle & poker hands.

Nice and rare watch in good condition, don't miss it.
Item is not available