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JAMES MARKWICK - 1700s Pair Cased Verge Fusee British Antique Pocket Watch

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JAMES MARKWICK - 1700s Pair Cased Verge Fusee British Antique Pocket Watch

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Beautiful verge pocket watch by James Markwick - eminent British watchmakers.
The craftsmanship is excellent as you can expect from reputable watchmaker.
The dial bears Lion and Unicorn symbolics - probably as sign of Supplier to the King status.

James Markham, son of James (1) Markwick (circa 1656-1698).
He became member of Clockmakers company in 1692, Master of Clockmaker's company in 1720, died in 1730.
Watches in British Museum.
Later partner with Robert Markham, who succeeded him using the trading name of Markwick Markham, which became famous for watches destined for the Turkish market.

Quite unusually for British pair case watches, both cases bears serial number 3053 and outer is hallmarked by RB. The casemaker Richard Blundell registered this hallmark in 1682.

Comparable watch by James Markwick, with later serial number 3800, was sold in 2012 by auction house of Dr. Crott (auction 85 lot 455) for 6600 euros.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
Movement is nice and clean, appeared to be in good running condition and works in every position.
Champleve silver dial is in good condition.
Case is in good condition with some period wear.
Diameter of outer case is 57mm, thickness is 33mm, weight is 147 gramms.
Item is not available