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EARLY 1660s SELF STRIKING Single Handed Verge Fusee OIGNON Antique Pocket Watch - Pair Cased

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EARLY 1660s SELF STRIKING Single Handed Verge Fusee OIGNON Antique Pocket Watch - Pair Cased

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Beautiful self striking verge fusee pocket watch.
Diameter of inner case is 51mm, outer case is 60mm, total weight is about 188 gramms.

Watch is made by Adriaan Hoogendijk in Rotterdam, Netherlands, circa 1660-1670s.
Britten and after Baillie, mentions Adriaan Hoogendijk as watchmaker, 1625, about 1650, author of large watch in Metropolitan Museum.
Adriaan Hoogendijk was married on Elisabeth Stacy, doughter of Rotterdam's clockmaker. His son, Steven Hoogendijk, became watchmaker and continued father's business.

The watch has numerous design features that dates it to 1660-1670.
It's one of early balance spring watches, after it's invention by Hooke and Huygens about 1660.

The watch is equipped with self hour striking.
Before invention of repeating on demand in late 1670s, the self striking was the one of popular complications.
But this early version with counting wheel isn't very comfortable.
When the wound is off, it requires manual synchronisation between time and striking trains.

The balance bridge is very early, it features fancy, non symmetrical legs, totally pierced and cut worked.
Unusually enough, it's horizontally symmetrical, not vertically.
Mainspring winds directly through the balance bridge, thats why balance wheel has special shape to avoid interaction of balance with fusee arbor.
The single hand is set on hour wheel, that drives directly from fusee.
Movement features round baluster pillars.

The watch appears to be in pretty nice condition.

Technically it's running in any position.
Striking train is working, but not tested thoroughly, please look video.

Strict silver champleve dial is in nice condition, with minor wear.
The inner case is very nice, it's decorated with beautiful and well-preserved cutwork.
Outer case was previously covered by shagreen skin, which didn't kept.
Otherwise good condition.

Original hand, mineral glass.
Overall rare and beautiful watch.


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Item is not available