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Early XVIII Octagonal Silver Antique Pocket Sundial by NICOLAS BION in Paris

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Early XVIII Octagonal Silver Antique Pocket Sundial by NICOLAS BION in Paris

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Beautiful French silver sundial from XVIII century.
Performed by important scientist and mathematic Nicolas Bion.

Nicolas Bion, born in 1652, died in Paris in 1733, was a French scientist, engineer and researcher.
He was engineer to King Louis XIV for mathematical instruments.
In the first edition of his works on mathematical instruments, issued in 1705, he described in details the plume pen with reservoir, of the same construction, patented by Waterman in 1883.
He was author of follows monographs:
  • Usage of the celestial globes and spheres (1699)
  • Tract on construction and principal usage of mathematical instruments (1709)
  • Description and usage of newly constructed planisphere (1727)

    Typical example of this type of sundials, with movable bird gnomon.
    Sundial is made of silver and is beautifully engraved - with time scale on front side, latitudes of main French / European cities on the backside.
    Quality piece, as you can expect from good engineer, with deep engraving of excellent quality .

    The time scales are engraved for latitudes 40, 45, 50 and 55 degrees.
    Compass is probably working, arrow is moving, no warranties however.
    Sundial measures 63 x 62 mm approximately.

    Rare item from notable researcher, in good condition - don't miss it.
    Item is not available