Gold Pearls & Enamel Square Shaped Pocket Watch in Chinese Taste

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Exquisite square shaped watch, decorated with pearls and enamel painting.
Overall style, unusual shape, reach decoration with pearls, pendant shape leads to conclusion that watch was most probably designated to Chinese market.
The watch is almost certainly quality Geneva production from middle of XIX century.

The watch is very elaborated, all corners are decorated with painted enamels, the edges are studded with pearls. Even the dust cover is beautifully engraved.
The watch is beautifully preserved, the enamels are intact.

The watch appears to be in very good condition.
The enamel painting and case overall is in very good condition.
The dial is also fine, without major damages.
Movement is in running condition, though I don't guarantee time keeping.

Dimentions are 34 x 42 mm, weight is 29 grams.
Price: 2 250 USD