Rare PUMP WINDING 18k GOLD Antique Pocket Watch By CHARLES VINER LONDON 1820s

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Rare English pocket watch with pull-wind mechanism via coaxial button in pendant by Charles Viner.
It needs to pull the pendant from the movement to wind the movement.
Case is made of solid 18k gold, case bears maker punch mark "LC" (Louis Comptesse, Soho, London) as well as London date letter for 1824.

Charles Edward Viner (1788-1875) was an eminent maker.
He was apprenticed in 1802 to Thomas Savage, the inventor of the so-called Savage escapement.
He became free of Clockmaker’s Company and was made a Liveryman in 1819.
Viner’s system of pump winding improved Berollas chain system by using a push-rod, the only disadvantage is that the push-button has to be manually returned to its original position rather than springing back as in the Berollas system.
Viner made pocket and marine chronometers and pocket watches with duplex escapement, the latter also with pump lift.

Movement and keyless winding function works as it should, but as usual I recommend cleaning.
Case is in very nice condition.
Dial bears few very faint hairlines, practically invisible without magnification glass.
Overall good condition.

Diameter is 50mm, height without bow is 57mm.
Weight is 66 grams.
Price: 2 250 USD