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1830 EARLY KEYLESS WINDING + REPEATER 18k GOLD Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

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1830 EARLY KEYLESS WINDING + REPEATER 18k GOLD Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

ID: 141

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Good and rare quarter repeating watch.
It features early keyless winding and time setting system from 1830s.
Watch comes in solid 18k gold case, dust cover is also made of solid gold.

Made by Reymond Bertaud, Inventor and Watchmaker to the King (Louis Philippe) in Paris.
Accordin Tardy, Reymond Bertaud, was installed in Paris already in 1812.
He was inventor and manufacturer of keyless watches in 1834-1839.

As you can see, keyless winding construction is quite archaic.
It has just a kind of crown wheel that drives two winding wheels.
Such construction doesn't allow back rotating of winding crown.
The keyless time setting is made with special rotating disk with minute indication on dust cover.
Though, it's performed on high level - winding wheels has tooth profile and mirror-polished.
Time setting disk has special profile for easy operation.
Nice piece of early keyless winding system development.

Watch bears gift inscription "souvenir a son ami" - gift to his friend.

Movement and keyless winding function works as it should, but as usual I recommend cleaning.
Repeating functions well, as it should, please see video below the photos.
Case is in good condition with common period wear.
Dial bears few faint hairlines and minor defects to the sides, hardly visible without magnification glass.
Overall nice condition.

Diameter is 47mm, height without bow is 55mm.
Weight is 74 grams.

Shipping from France worldwide.
Item is not available