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VERGE FUSEE Experimental REPEATER GOLD & ENAMEL Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

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VERGE FUSEE Experimental REPEATER GOLD & ENAMEL Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

ID: 139

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Rare small quarter repeating watch in golden case, decorated with pearls and enamel.
Watch bears Parisian "head of rooster" hallmark of about 1780s.
It's made in style of pre-revolutionary France, while small and decorated watches were fashionable.

The movement is very unusual.
It uses bridge design which was novelty for this time, but equipped with classical verge escapement.
The bridge design was developed mainly in France, about 1770 by J.A. Lepine along with several other contributed watchmakers.
This kind of movement design along with usage of new escapements, as virgule or cylinder, allowed to eliminate fusee and built slimmer, more elegant and precise watches.

For me the usage of verge escapement in this watch looks quite extravagant decision.
It required to still use chain and fusee (which is thick and complex element) and escapement was harder to produce than in the full plate design.
Cylinder escapement would allow to make the watch with cheaper and better time keeper.

In the mean time, watch was obviously made by skilful master, who was aware of new tendencies and was able to built small repeaters of excellent quality.
It's really pity that watch isn't signed.
While dealing with antique watches, it's may be first time I see verge escapement in bridge design movement.
The winding and time setting is performed from the face side, as in classical French verge watches.

Movement and keyless winding function works as it should, but as usual I recommend cleaning.
Repeating functions well, as it should, please see video below the photos.
Case is in good condition with common period wear.
Dial is in generally good condition with several minor flakes.
Overall nice condition.

Diameter is 39mm, height without bow is 48mm.
Weight is 44 grams.
Item is not available