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Good quarter repeater with chronograph in solid 14k golden hunter case. Circa 1900.
Case bears Swiss, Metric and Imperial Russian hallmarks for solid 14k gold.

Nice dial with fancy font and red twelve number in fashion of beginning XX.
Watch is unmarked, and dust cover is marked with just "Qualite Superieure" with some exhibition medals.
The movement is based on Charles Hahn (Le Landeron, Switzerland) caliber.
It features unusual governor in shape of arrow, usually governors are round.

Charles Hahn was one of the most know manufacturers of movements, it produces striking movements, chronographs, and even produced self-winding pocket watches by Loehr trademark.
In twentieth company was renamed to Landeron, and after it was merged with Swiss monopolist Ebauches SA.

The watch appears to be in quite good running condition, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Repetition works as it should, please see video below the photos.

Cosmetically watch is in quite nice condition.
Case is in common period condition with minor wear.
Dial seems to be in good condition.
Mineral glass, original hands.
Diameter is 53mm, height without bow is 65mm, weight is 94 grams..

Nice repeater in decent condition by reasonable price.

Item is not available