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Rare MARTIN-POUZAIT lever escapement REPEATING Antique Pocket Watch

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Rare MARTIN-POUZAIT lever escapement REPEATING Antique Pocket Watch

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Quarter repeating watch with very rare early lever escapement according to Martin-Pouzait. It's signed by Victor Prevel in Paris, circa 1810.

Jean Moise Pouzait presented his version of lever escapement in 1784 in Geneve.
The similar variant of lever escapement was developed independently by French watchmaker Martin.
In beginning of XIX century several French watchmaker adopted this Martin-Pouzait type of lever escapement in it's fast-beat version.

The book "La Montre Francaise" by A. Chapuis shows very similar watch by reputed watchmaker Henri Lepaute, who was Watchmaker to the Emperor Napoleon.
This watch by Lepaute, introduced in book by Chapiro, is dated by 1809, now this watch being kept in British Museum, London.

Probable, that Victor Prevel made this watch after acquaintance with Lepaute watch.
My guess is that he was probably an apprentice to Lepaute and tried to started his own career with complex watches to show his level.
Watch bears very low serial number N 24, making this guess quite probable.
The Baillies and Tardy's books gives no information on Victor Prevel, it seems that his watchmaking business wasn't long.

The watch is very nice and rare piece of watchmaking enginery.

The watch appears to be in running condition, though I don't guarantee time it's keeping.
Some details bears traces of reparation.
Repeating is generally works, but sounds quite and strikes a little bit fast.
Please see video.

Cosmetically watch is in quite nice condition.
Silver case has normal period wear.
Signed dial is beautifully engine-turned with unusual pattern.
Original Breguet hands, mineral glass.

Please note, watch is quite big, diameter is 62mm, height without bow is 78mm.

Item is not available