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Early XIX Verge Chronograph by Henri Robert

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Early XIX Verge Chronograph by Henri Robert

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Very rare early French chronometer from circa 1820.
Made by noted watchmaker Henri Robert, author of several inventions, books, watchmaker to French Navy.
Please note, that very this chronometer is presented in book "La montre Francaise" by A. Chapiro, p. 392

Chronometer it's still equipped with verge escapement.
This is one of the first dedicated chronometers, such devices were used in scientific purposes as well as for horses races.
It's equipped with minute counter and button which make it pause.
There aren't no reset to zero features, for sure.

Chronometer appears to be in good condition.
It should be, as it's a stationery device, not a pocket watch.
Case appears to be in good condition with minimal wear.
Movement works as it should.
Solid silver dial has some patina, but seems to be in good condition.

Henri Robert was born in 1795 in Mâcon.
He was an important watchmaker and author of several watchmaking works.
He was probably trained as a watchmaker by Louis Frédéric Perrelet, after he worked with the famous A.L. Breguet and in 1831 with Henri Laresche.
He took over the operation of Laresche on the Rue de Valois Au Palais-Royal No. 164.

He became a supplier to the Queen; In 1834 and 1839 he won a silver medal at the exhibition in Paris, in 1844 and 1849 he won a gold medal.
In 1847 he was appointed Horloger de la Marine (watchmaker to the Navy).
From 1835 to 1838 he worked with noted watchmaker Antoine Redier.

Henri Robert died in 1874 and his son Henri Robert Jr. took over the business of the father.
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